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Swedish Massage
This massage incorporates long strokes and kneading to soothe and relax the muscles. It will also help increase circulation through the body. This massage is a light to medium massage and is recommended for first time clients.

60 minutes $ 70.00
90 minutes $85.00

Stress Reliever
This is a combination of the Swedish massage, and trigger point therapy. Concentrating on
the back, neck and shoulders, this massage is great for relieving stress and tension headaches.

30 minutes $45.00

Focusing on the hands and feet a specialized technique on the points and nerve endings of the major organs and systems in the body. This massage is great for sore feet and hands due to work and stress. (This includes paraffin on the hands and feel)

30 minutes $ 45.00

Deep tissue Massage
A personalized variation of the Swedish massage focusing on different muscle groups and the way they are affected by the specific movements and stresses of your particular sport or activity. This massage uses a combination of techniques to improve range of motion, decrease chances of injury and help push out the toxins of today's society.

30 minutes $55.00

Deep tissue + 30
This is a combo of the Swedish and the deep tissue massage. With this combo yo_ will be able to have a specific area worked on for the deep tissue, while having the whole body relaxed with the Swedish.

60 minutes $ 85.00

Shiatsu Massage
A traditional massage this massage focuses on the meridians and specific points in the
body. These techniques help relive trigger points and allow circulation and energy to flow more freely.

30 minutes $ 65.00
60 minutes $80.00

Maternity Massage
A soothing and highly relaxing massage for expectant mothers. This massage is preformed while side lying. The massage is carefully done with out compromising the comfort of mother or baby. Special attention is given to the lower back and legs. Highly recommended after the first trimester.

50 minutes $ 70.00
80 minutes $ 85.00

15 minutes of heated stone massage added to any of the above treatments additional $15.00.
(Excludes Reflexology, and Maternity massage.)

Paraffin treatment added to any of the treatments will be an additional $15.00
(Excludes Reflexology, and Maternity massage.)

Prices are subject to change without notice.

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