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Holistic health encompasses the Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual aspects of your life.

Did you know…
your human body is 70% water overall
love is the greatest healing energy
thoughts create reality
everything is consciousness

  “Let everyone try and find that as a result of their daily prayer he adds something new to his life, something with which nothing can be compared.”
Mahatma Gandhi

“Blessings” Prayer
“Nourish me and feed my soul, Drinking with Awareness helps make me Whole.”
With gratitude, Amen


The physical body overall is composed of 70% water. All the cells in the body must have water to thrive and survive. Your blood is approximately 80% water; muscle is about 70% water, and in the brain, water comprises 85%. Just think of the impact that the water you put into your body can have on the bodily functions.

Water is essential to remove toxins from the body in all areas, the skin, the hair and all of the organs. Water delivers oxygen and other needed nutrients to all of the cells in your body.

Dehydration can be a primary cause of fatigue and low energy. Other signals of insufficient intake of water are dry skin, headaches and constipation.


“Blessings” Water offered by The Healing Vessel contains charcoal filtered, ozone treated natural spring water embodying sacred mantras, prayers, and chants. It is “healer-treated” water as termed by Richard Gerber, Vibrational Medicine, New Choices for Healing Ourselves.

“Blessings” Water has received several Kabbalistic Healings, hands-on blessings, and has been placed within a pyra-sphere, a sacred geometric structure similar to the Genesa Crystal. These sacred symbols reflect the ancient wisdom of unity and the modern understanding of interconnectedness. “Blessings” is bottled at Berkeley Club Beverages, Inc. in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia.


Quoted Sources on the Benefits of Water

“The fact that water could be charged with healing energy and transmitted to living organisms is significant in light of Mesmer’s claim that his bacquet could be useful in treating patients by exposing them to the stored energies of healer-treated water. ”

Dr. Robert Miller of Atlanta, Georgia is a research chemist who has studied the biological effects of healers. Dr. Miller found that seeds which had been watered with regular tap water had an eight-percent germination rate, whereas seeds watered with healer-treated water showed a 36-percent germination rate – or a fourfold increase in the number of new sprouts.

Source: Richard Gerber, M.D. VIBRATIONAL MEDICINE , New Choices for Healing Ourselves BEAR & COMPANY, Santa Fe, NM 87504-2860 1988,1996 p. 294-5.


The twenty-first century is said to be the Age of Aquarius, and in astrology Aquarius is the sign of the water bearer. And the United Nations has designated the year 2005 as “The Beginning of the Decade of Water (2005-2014).” (Page xii)

“Since the quality of water improves or deteriorates depending upon the information given to it, the corollary for humans, who are made up primarily of water, is to take in good information. When we do, our mind and body can become healthier. Conversely, when we take in negative information, we can get sick.” (page 16)

Source: Masaru Emoto, The True Power of Water, Healing and Discovering Ourselves, Beyond Words Publishing, Inc., Hillsboro, Oregon.


“The human body is made up of electronic vibrations, with each atom and element of the body, each organ and organism, having its electronic unit of vibration necessary for the sustenance of, and equilibrium in, that particular organism. Each unit, then, being a cell or a unit of life in itself has the capacity of reproducing itself by the first law as is known of reproduction-division. When a force in any organ or element of the body becomes deficient in its ability to reproduce that equilibrium necessary for the sustenance physical existence and its reproduction, that portion becomes deficient in electronic energy. This may come by injury or by disease, received by external forces. It may come from internal forces through lack of eliminations produced in the system or by other agencies to meet its requirements in the body.”
Source: Edgar Cayce (1928) from There is a River by Thomas Sugru

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