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To help bring awareness of the personal power within each of us as individuals and how this power can influence and change our lives–our beliefs & perceptions, our relationships, our world.
To enhance daily life as a human being while striving for wholeness by healing from within.
Love and honor yourself.
Celebrate Life.
Recognize the Sacred in All.

The Healing Vessel is a physical place, a sacred space, providing wellness services that are holistic in nature –– treating your “whole” being – the physical, emotional, mental or psychological, and spiritual aspects of your life. The root cause of a “dis-ease” is addressed, not just the symptoms.

The human body is also a healing vessel created to function at an optimal level for our survival. The body is a temple, or healing vessel, that houses our spirit. The balance of the mind and heart is reflected in the body.

Healing is the word used to describe the restoration of harmony and balance of the heart and mind. Many of us have a preconceived idea about healthiness and what “healing” looks like to us. However, the deepest healing takes us beyond what may look like the cause and experience of our sickness.

When the heart and mind are not in harmony there sometimes occurs what we call disease. This may not be the only cause of disease. For some people illness does not arise from disharmony but it is “letting go of the old” and creating space for something new to occur in our life. A finishing of old business or “cleaning the slate” can sometimes feel uncomfortable or unpleasant, yet when done in a healthy manner, deep healing occurs.

The Healing Vessel is a place where individuals, or groups, can explore the root causes that create imbalance, discomfort, or dis-ease in their life. This includes imbalances in the physical body, emotional states, psychological or mental processes, and spiritually.

Services available include Acupuncture, Integrated Kabbalistic Healing (IKH), Brennan Healing Science techniques, Reiki, Aromatherapy, Chakra balancing, and Meditation. Workshops and programs focusing on responsible health, self-awareness, personality assessment, smoking cessation, and more will be offered soon.

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